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Develop ReNative

Developing ReNative Locally

If you need full control over whole ReNative build you can clone and develop it locally

1) clone [email protected].com:pavjacko/renative.git
2) cd renative
3) yarn bootstrap
4) yarn watch

At this point your global $ rnv command is linked directly into project above.

It's also best way to contribute back to RNV! :)

rnv template apply
=> pick renative-template-hello-world

Windows development

Requirements: Python 2.7, Visual Studio installed or install windows-build-tools( Please make sure you follow the package's instructions, especially running it in PowerShell as Administrator



Features (from feat/xxx branches):

npm tag feat

npm run deploy:feat


Alpha Releases (from develop branches):

tag format: 0.31.0-alpha.1

npm tag alpha

npm run deploy:alpha


Production (from release/xx branches):

tag format: 0.31.0

npm tag: latest

npm run deploy:prod


Documentation for CLI

Documentation for RNV

Documentation for Config

Documentation for Runtime