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Migrating react-native project to ReNative


ReNative supports react-native projects pretty much out of the box in terms of your application code

Due to variety of possibilities / complexity fo react-native projects (ie plugins, custom build scripts and so on) there might be some extra work required to reconnect existing plugins

Migration Guide

  1. Install rnv
  2. Create new project rnv new (pick renative-template-hello-world)
  3. follow rest of the steps
  4. After first rnv run ... check out the codebase and pay attention to:
  • ./index.ios.js file
  • ./ file
  • src/ folder

replace src/ folder content with source content of your app (JS files)

make sure that your main app.js is initialized in both

  • ./index.ios.js file
  • ./ file

that's it really.

if you also installed some react native plugins in your project make sure to move them to

./renative.json config file under plugins object. renative uses standard react native plugins so plugin names will stay same!

if you have any issues you can always raise a question or a bug in