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Build Hooks


Sometimes you need to extend CLI functionality with custom build scripts. ReNative makes this easy for you.

create file: ./buildHooks/src/index.js with this script (NOTE: every top-level method must return Promise):

import chalk from 'chalk';

const hooks = {
hello: c =>
new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
console.log(`\n${chalk.yellow('HELLO FROM BUILD HOOKS!')}\n`);

const pipes = {};

export { pipes, hooks };

then simply run:

rnv hooks run -x hello

ReNative will transpile and execute it in real time!

index.js is required entry point but you can create more complex scripts with multiple files/imports.

every top-level method gets invoked with ReNative config object containing all necessary build information

Using RNV in Build Hooks

You can utilize RNV CLI functionality inside of build hooks by simply importing rnv packages:

import {
} from 'rnv';

Build Pipes

Sometimes you want to execute specific hook automatically before/after certain ReNative build phase.

To get list of available hook pipes run:

$ rnv hooks pipes

You can connect your hook method to one of predefined pipes in your ./buildHooks/src/index.js:

const pipes = {
'configure:before': hooks.hello

Example code above will execute hooks.hello() before every time you run $ rnv configure commands

Run Multiple Pipes on One Hook

const pipes = {
'configure:before': [hooks.hello, hooks.someOtherHook]

List of available pipe hooks:

'run:before', 'run:after',
'log:before', 'log:after',
'start:before', 'start:after',
'package:before', 'package:after',
'package:before', 'package:after',
'build:before', 'build:after',
'export:before', 'export:after',
'deploy:before', 'deploy:after',
'configure:before', 'configure:after',
'platform:configure:before', 'platform:configure:after'