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ReNative allows you to bootstrap, develop and deploy apps for mobile, web, TVs, desktops, consoles, wearables and more via a single development environment.

Any device

Supercharged frameworks

ReNative Supports popular front-end frameworks like React,React Native, NextJS, Electron

Extendable by community plugins

ReNative supports standard community driven react-native plugins you can use to enhance the functionality of your apps

Powerful templates

ReNative allows you to build powerful multi-platform bootstrap templates.


ReNative supports integrations for various services and deployment infrastructures for your apps

Scalable configurations

Tired of setting up and managing countless of various projects? you can go as simple as most basic json config file to get yourself up and running

Build hooks

Sometimes you need to extend CLI functionality with custom build scripts. ReNative makes this easy for you

Minimalistic Runtime

ReNative runtime is an NPM dependency to help abstract away some of the complexities of building UI interfaces and features for large number of target platforms and devices

powerful CLI

One CLI to do it all. RNV is your entry point and control centre to building multi-platform apps with just a few commands to learn.