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You can automatically deploy your web build to with rnv

You need to have now CLI installed and configured as per their documentation. ( Just follow the 'Installing Now CLI' section, no need to create a project.

Now you can run rnv deploy -p web -t now. You will be asked some questions if you don't already have a now.json file and it will be created for you.

Deploying to production

With the default config only the first deploy will go to production, the rest will create a new URL(deployment). If you want for a specific scheme to deploy directly to production you can add nowIsProduction: true in your buildScheme in appConfigs/<folder>/renative.json like so:

"buildSchemes": {
"release": {
"nowIsProduction": true

Then use that scheme to deploy your app rnv deploy -p web -t now -s release